Things Fall Apart

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Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is a novel about a man in West Africa. It tells about his triumphs and trial ultimately leading to his demise. It explains how the “white man” came into his country and took over. It show you how the “white man” mad things fall apart.
Okonkwo was a very large and tall man. He had big bushy eyebrows and a huge nose. As stated in Things Fall Apart, “He was tall and huge, and his bushy eyebrows and wide nose gave him a very severe look (3-4).”
He was extremely impatient with certain people. Mostly the men, who were unsuccessful, much like his father. The book says “He had no patience with unsuccessful men. He had had no patience with his father (4).” Approaching the climax of part one Okonkwo
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But Uchendu made it known to him that he was not the greatest sufferer in the world. In a meeting with Okonkwo Uchenda says, “You think you are the greatest sufferer in the world? Do you know that men are sometimes banished for life (135)?” Okonkwo for once was outwardly showing his sorrow, and every one could see his weak side.
Okonkwo has become determined to climb his way back up the social ranks after have been knocked to the bottom. “He was determined that his return should be marked by his people. He would return with a flourish, and regain the seven wasted years. Although this determination took his mind off of things, he still remembered the tragedy of Nwoye. “At first it appeared as if it might prove too great for his spirit. But it was a resilient spirit, and in the end Okonkwo overcame his sorrow. He had five other sons and he would bring them up in the way of the clan (172).” Okonkwo goes as far as to say “Now he is no longer my son or you brother (172).”

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Unfortunately for Okonkwo his village has been infested with missionaries. They have even set up a government and converted a large part of the clan. Okonkwo can see that they are trying to take over. But he also sees that his fellow clansman do not feel as strongly as he does. Okonkwo wants to fight, but his clansman are not on the same page
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