Things Fall Apart Okonkwo's Relationship

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-Intro: The relationship between okonkwo with the two characters, in how he deals with them, or the way in which they are carried in their based on whether he bears the same way with both or has preference or more appreciation to he.

-Okonkwo the character of the book that we are talking about as he is in the reciliation of as tyrata or takes with people.which in this thesis discover if in truth he is a good as everyone sees it is the person, spoken in this story, with many exerts in his life and the way he treats the people.

-In my opinion, Okonkwo is a character of which we are talking about how is the relationship with one of the two characters that is spoken in the book. I see it unsympathetic because with neither of
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With the two characters I saw that depends on how it is that person who could help him to appreciate it more, with each one of them has many moments the two are great people for him since one was his first wife and the other his Daughter, since her blade is very much like the mother, I think she must remember her a lot, and the wife, because all of them love moments they share, she sees them in different ways, but both of them appreciate them already You are a great person in your life. I found it unfriendly by the way they are without any reason.

- I found it very interesting to know the relation of okonkwo since I discovered that esw very different with the people and with ls two characters, with each one the tienbe the "why" to be thus with her, since each one has its difference of punt Of seeing how he sees them and how they see him. The two people are the same, they have their differences in the good and the bad. But he appeared to me unfriendly for certain reasons that he was different with them and the reasons why he showed his affection for
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