Things Fall Apart Post Colonial Analysis of Christianity and Igbo Tradition

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Achebe’s Things Fall Apart: An Analysis of Christianity and Igbo Tradition The Mbaino tribe in Things Fall Apart practice many traditions that the Western culture would deem superstitious. The Western religion allows for the Christian ideals to prove many of the native traditions superfluous when infiltrating the native’s land during colonization. This disassembling of traditions is introduced by Christianity’s unshakeable stance that native deities have no power because they are mythical. However, the new practices and dismantling of tradition the missionaries prove can never be revoked or forgotten from the native lands. The Christians first must defy a strong belief held amongst each tribe and that is the beliefs about the Evil…show more content…
7). McDowell’s observation stresses the significance for the religious portion of colonizing the Igbos. The importance of turning the Igbos away from their own people’s way of life weakens the tribe as a whole. The tribe practices shaky traditions that tribes people dislike already have weakness. Hoeberg illuminates one of the biggest problems with the Igbo community, that eventually leads to the loss of Nwoye to Christianity “is the community’s tendency to forget, selectively and temporarily, certain defining principles of its culture, so that contradictions arise between specific practices and general beliefs” (70). The holes created by contradiction and the tribes people noticing the issues and never find self-resolution is where the missionaries find their new members. This is where the missionaries infiltrate into the Igbo’s belief system and blow it up into lies, remaining a location of truth by comparison. A tradition that is dismantled gives hope to natives that other beliefs will also be false. The missionaries prove the faulty logic that surrounds the myth of the Evil Forest, “At the last day came by which the missionaries should have died. But they were still alive, building a new red-earth and thatch house for their teacher… that week they won a handful more converts”. The missionaries have exposed the Evil Forest as just a regular forest. This is
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