Things Fall Apart Reaction Paper

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Things Fall Apart
By Chinua Achebe
English II

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Things Fall Apart Take-Home Test

1.) a.) Ikemefuna is Umuofia’s hostage from Mbaino who was put under Okonkwo’s care for three straight years. He lived with Okonkwo’s family and became close to Nwoye, Okonkwo’s eldest son. He calls and treats Okonkwo as his real father. Okonkwo is inwardly pleased with him and he even likes him more than his real son. After three years, the elders have decided on what to do to him. They came on the decision of killing him and Okonkwo joined in killing him due to his fear of becoming weak. But then, guilt haunts Okonkwo
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Christian terms - An example was when they rescue of the new-born twin babies from the forbidden forest. The Ibo tribe thinks that having a new-born twin babies is an evil sign and a curse for the women to have twin babies so they just let them die in the forest. This tradition came out to be very cruel to the missionaries. So, they showed readiness to go against Ibo tribe’s tradition for the babies’ life sake.

5.) They maintain the belief that the egwugwu are gods when they are clearly masked humans because these are the symbol of the culture and independence of their tribe. Once the egwugwu loose power in the community, the clan’s culture and independence will also be lost.

6.) It came from the Old Testament story of Abraham and his son, Isaac (Genesis 22: 1-13) in the Bible. The story is that God ordered the first patriarch Abraham to sacrifice his young son Isaac, but then when he saw him about to do it, told him to stop and sacrifice a nearby ram instead. The idea is that Abraham's faith was only being tested; but to prove himself a religious man he had to be ready to kill his first-born. Nwoye’s conversion to Christianity is revealed as an act of upheaval against his father, so there could be a sense that he is declining to be sacrificed or to follow his father.

7.) For me, Okonkwo values his feeling of success and importance more than the rules of his village. Some evidences are: he violated the rule on the Week of Peace by beating his wife, he

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