Things Fall Apart : Summer Reading

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Things Fall Apart:Summer Reading 1. How would you describe Okonkwo’s life and background as portrayed in the beginning of the novel? What role did his father play in this? Okonkwo is a hard working man, who can support his three wives and all his children, due to the fact that his main goal in life is to not like his father, who was unsuccessful in life and was in a lot of debt. He strives to hate everything his dad enjoyed and makes this point by despising the flute which his father was very talented in playing. He seemed to had the life of a “man” even in his childhood because he knew that his father would not leave him much to start a life when he was grown up. Okonkwo had started to show his masculinity and respectability when he was just a young man by defeating an undefeated wrestler name the Cat. His father, on the other hand, was very lazy and unmasculine. He was afraid of the sight of blood and didn’t enjoy war so he wanted nothing to with it. But in his youth he was known for playing the flute very well. For being this way Okonkwo resents his father’s life but it still haunts him to become like his father, like a coward. His father, Unoka, didn’t seem to interfere with Okonkwo or at least that’s what it sounds like. The only role I saw that his father might have in Okonkwo’s life is what not to become when Okonkwo is older. I am probably wrong but I have not really seen Okonkwo to really talk about his father like a rolemodel much. It was almost as if
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