Things Fall Apart and Chapter

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Things Fall Apart Part One Chapter One 1. Page #______ List four physical characteristics that separate Okonkwo’s appearance from that of the other men in his village. 2. Page #______ How did Okonkwo bring honor to his village as a young man? 3. Page #______ What other achievements make him an important man? 4. Page #______ Why does Okonkwo have no patience with his own father, Unoka? 5. Page #______ What good qualities does Unoka have, that his son fails to appreciate? Chapter Two 1. Page #______ How does Okonkwo reaffirm his greatness as a warrior to the people of his village? 2. Page #______ What is the “normal course of action” when a member of a neighboring clan…show more content…
Page #______ With which customs of the clan does Obierika not agree? 7. Page #______ How does the following proverb explain the harsh punishment given to Okonkwo? “As the elders said, if one finger brought oil it soiled the others” (125)? Part Two Chapter Fourteen 1. Page #______ Why does Okonkwo sit in a “silent half-sleep” (131)? 2. Page #______ Briefly describe the final isa-ifi marriage ceremony. 3. Page #______ Why is a woman brought back to her kinsmen to be buried? Chapter Fifteen 1. Page #______ Why does the Abame clan kill the white man? 2. Page #______ What evidence is there in this chapter that the clans do not understand the white man’s way of life? 3. Page #______ Support or refute the following statement: The white men do not want to know anything about the clan’s culture because they think it is inherently inferior, and not worth learning about. Chapter Sixteen 1. Page #______ Why is Nwoye interested in missionaries? 2. Page #______ What is Okonkwo’s opinion of the white religion? 3. Page #______ Is there anything about missionaries that the Ibo people like? Chapter Seventeen 1. Page #______ Why do the Mbanta people begin to believe the white man’s religion has great power? 2. Page #______ How long do they wait for evil forest to do its work? 3. Page #______ How does the Ibo superstition about
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