Things Fall Apart and Exile Essay

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Final Essay Outline I. Introduction A. Exile can be the self-imposed banishment from one’s home or given as a form of punishment. Exile results in solitude; leaving people only time to reflect upon their self. B. The main characters in The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Tempest, and Things Fall Apart all encounter exile due to their actions. C. (THESIS) – The protagonists, Gilgamesh, Prospero, and Okonkwo all have experiences of exile which alienate them from their homeland, but as hurtful as it is for them to go through; their experience alienates them causing them to overcome trials and enriches their lives in a way that reveals their true character. D. Each character has a different experience of exile, but it…show more content…
IV. Third Protagonist – Okonkwo A. Okonkwo’s exile in Things Fall Apart is much different than that of Gilgamesh and Prospero’s in that it is a result of his own actions. 1. He is exiled by his clansmen when he commits a female crime, killing another clansman by accident (Achebe 124). 2. The only course of action Okonkwo can take is to abide by the laws of Umuofia and leave his native land for seven years B. The exile Okonkwo faces only adds more to his anger and bitterness. Okonkwo’s alienation causes him to have a pessimistic outlook, focusing more on what has been taken from him. 1. Although he is thankful for the welcoming of his mother’s kinsmen, Okonkwo regrets every day of his exile (Achebe 162). C. Okonkwo does not learn anything from his exile, but reverts back to his survival skills and hard work to “prosper in his motherland” (Achebe 162). D. Okonkwo is the only protagonist that did not change from his experience. His experience of exile reveals no change of his pessimistic outlook and only hardens his heart more. When he returns home, his actions show that he is meaner, angrier, and more rebellious. E. Okonkwo’s experience of exile leaves a shocking ending with Okonkwo taking his own life. V. Conclusion A. The experience of exile can lead a person through a dark
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