Things May Cause A Detestable Act Called Revenge

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Simple Little Things May Cause a Detestable Act Called Revenge How would you handle misinterpretation if you encountered this one day? How would you shown to them that their thought was wrong? Well! The word misinterpretation has always been a natural expression in the modern societies today, especially because human beings are not born perfect yet, and they are here in this world to shape their character in a long process. Often times, people are degraded by their sinful thoughts because they can’t express their anger right away, for that reason; misinterpretation comes first followed by action. It would not be easy if someone misinterprets you especially, when you encountered certain situations where people or your friends misinterpret…show more content…
Although, the setting, genre, and characters were different, to summarize the whole genre, it was shown that the author used objects or elements to the story that caused the main character to get revenge. In light of this brilliant idea of the authors, they captured reader’s attention with emotions. Based on the story “The Jewelry” by Maupassant, a young lady who has pure personality seeks a man to marry her with the help of her mother dear. She found love when she met a man named M. Lantin at the house of the office-superintendent. After they are married and they are not blessed with children. This young lady who comes from poor family has a passion to collect an array of jewelry and loves the theater as a way to entertain herself from getting bored at home. This lady’s passion of collecting jewelries and loves of theater made her intolerable habits and unfortunately, even made her husband broke. This young lady was called Madame Lantin for being classy and elegant. She wore fancy dresses and fancy jewelries when she goes out to the theater with her colleagues. Moreover, her unexpected death made her husband out of control from grief. M. Lantin never expected that his love of his life would go to heaven suddenly, so he made himself being miserable until he found out that he had nothing left. When M. Lantin found out that the jewelry collection from his wife was expensive and the jewelry was real not a
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