Things They Carried

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The Things They Carried Report “The Things They Carried” was a story about soldiers caught in the confusion of the Vietnam War. There are a lot of apparent themes that are dealt with when writing a story about war, especially about death. I enjoyed reading this story; however there were some things about it that I was concerned about. I would like to discuss the author’s style of writing, his meaning of the title “The Things They Carried” and the way the author and his characters deal with death. This story was written with a variety of styles, and it was in a non-traditional format. The main style seems to be a third person, limited omniscient story. However, this story also includes elements of flashback. In a traditional flashback…show more content…
Finally, I would like to comment on how the author and the characters deal with death. Even though the characters were acting in a un-humanlike way, the author points out the minds behind the soldiers. Lavenders death is really a central theme in the story, so much so that the event of his death keeps getting repeated over and over again. The author makes it a point to tell the different positions on death. Lavenders death only affects one person in the entire squad, the leader Jimmy. Everyone else in the platoon carried on as if nothing was wrong. In fact, some of the troops were “smoking the dead man’s dope” while waiting for the chopper to arrive to take Lavender away. At first I was appalled at this fact. If a comrade of mine died, the last thing I would do is try to find something to profit from his dead corpse. I would also be afraid for my own life because someone close to me just died. I understand that these are soldiers, and that they deal with death, and are trained to kill. However, when someone close to you dies, that is a different situation. The author does make a point to mention, “They (the soldiers) carried all the emotional baggage of men who might die”, which indicates that the soldiers did feel some kind of emotion. However, it amazes me that these soldiers can even mask their true emotions in the face of their friend dying. I do appreciate the fact that the author points out the true feelings of the characters, even though their actions do
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