Think Before You Ink

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Think Before You Ink

1. It is clear from the start of this article that Simon Mills is trying to persuade his readers of the pointlessness of Tattoos. Straight away Mills makes his negativity on the topic clear as describing many celebrity tattoos as being ‘badly drawn cod-philosophical/fauxtribal/cloyingly sentimental illustrations’. He goes on to describe celebrities Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse as being ‘aspirational figureheads’ clearly employing sarcasm and in fact, most likely suggesting the exact opposite. We see the writer constantly give his, clearly, biased opinion about his dislike of tattoos, at one point simply referring to them as an ‘all-pain-no-gain, self-conflicted suffering.

2. Throughout the article, the writer
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Victoria Beckham was the writer’s next victim, however her tattoos were not quite as easy to belittle as they represented her children’s birth dates, and at least hold some meaning. He does however point out that of course he doubts Victoria Beckham can read in Hebrew, Latin or Roman numerals which her tattoos are inked in, concluding with asking the question ‘why does she feel the need to cover herself in ciphers and foreign languages?’. While touching on Victoria Beckhams slightly more meaningful tattoos, the writer uses that to launch into his next argument about why we feel the need to have relatives or family members tattooed onto us.

4. List Bathurst seems to be slightly less against tattoos than that of Simon Mills, however she still advises caution. She tells us she would very supportive of a rock start getting tattoos, suggesting she still associates a more possibly rebel type status them. For everyone else though, while they might be, in her opinion, ‘sexy and cool’ one day, she reminds us that in the future it ‘might not look so good’. This links with the words Simon Mills gives us towards the end of the article, however he has a slightly different approach. He attempts to get us to focus less on what the tattoo might look like in the future, as he tells us ‘much better to think about what your beautiful, clean, firm and healthy body
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