Think Brilliantly Analysis

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As you read what I have to share today you may find yourself thinking: this is just way too simple. And yet, I´ve repeatedly practiced each one of these strategies in my life and found them to be not just easy but also highly effective!
I´m pretty sure the whole concept of positive thinking as a doorway to greater happiness, health and prosperity isn´t new to you. In fact, you may believe in it whole-heartedly - well, as long as things are going well in your life, at least.
If you´re anything like me, holding on to a positive mindset when your world is threatening to fall apart may not be nearly as easy to do.
Still, the self-help gurus are right about one thing. Your thoughts define your actions and your actions define your life. That´s why
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When you do, you´ll not only begin to feel happier and more confident, you´ll feel a greater sense of personal power as well.
#3) Think "Brilliantly" -
If you´re serious about turning your life around, then thinking positive thoughts - or thinking brilliantly, as I like to call it - is definitely the first step. But for brilliant thinking to make a real difference in your life, you will want to learn from your negative thoughts as well.
First it´s important to understand that ignoring negative thoughts won´t make them just go disappear. Instead, try listening to that negative voice inside you head to see if there is some lesson it´s trying to teach you. Then take the thought and put a positive spin on it for future reference.
Here´s an example; if someone treats you badly and your first reaction is to lash out with an equally negative response, stop for a moment and ask yourself: What else could be behind this?
Sure, maybe that person doesn´t like you. But it could also be that they have some major problems you know nothing about.
Do you see how trying to be helpful instead of berating the other person can actually change how you see the entire
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