'Think Different': the Ad Campaign That Restored Apple's Reputation

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'Think Different ': The Ad Campaign that Restored Apple 's Reputation I. INTRO
Good afternoon everybody and welcome to our presentation today. My name is…, I am a member of group 4, class A18, Foreign Trade University, it’s my honor to be here today. First, to begin, I’d like to introduce my group for a little bit. We are group 4, a team that is created by 5 extraodinary members. Now, it’s my pleasure to introduce Mr/Ms…blah blah…
Now back to our presentation, as you know, at present, Apple is one of the biggest information technology companies in the world. For more details, Apple is the world 's second-largest information technology company by revenue after Samsung Electronics, and the world 's third-largest mobile phone maker
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In early 1996, Apple 's bonds were downgraded to below investment grade, meaning they were tagged with the notorious "junk bond" label. Later in 1996, Apple issued and sold $575 million in junk bonds that were to mature in 2001 and pay 6% interest, just under the then-current U.S.
By all accounts, Apple was close to dissolution whether by takeover or bankruptcy.
I think with some figures and history of the Apple before the campaign, you are feeling bored. But when we move to the second topic: the introduction of “think different” campaign, you will have another see and another feeling.
As you remember, we are concerned with the background information of apple, uhm, in 1997, when things were getting bleaker, Apple decided to bring back the departed CEO, Steve Jobs. He himself gave the agency its mission: to reintroduce Apple to those who forgotten what it stands for and introduce Apple to everyone else. Have you ever think that Apple is different from other companies? From the marketing to the design and sold on the market, every step Apple always makes the difference. Maybe, it has begun from this campaign. Steve knew that he had to focus on what makes Apple unique-creativity, design and simplicity, and find out how to express this in a natural, honest and intelligent way. There were meetings between the CEOs, exploring, discussing, analyzing… And a
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