Think Philosophically

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The meaning of "the goods of the mind are at least as important as the goods of the body" by Russel is good if we provide ourselves with the goods for our body as well as our mind. We can not separate the mind and the body because we think in our mind that, it is going to be reflected by doing so, as it has to be balanced. If we are breaking apart the goods of the body, we need shelter, foods, drinks, and also clothes to maintain our lives. The good of the minds are our knowledge and understanding of life. In other words, we provide our thinking by learning or being knowledgeable. If we just only provide goods for the body, we can not think as a human being. For example, if we are sluggish, in which we eat, rest and perform useless…show more content…
We do not have the answers to it. We may end up by saying it 's my destiny. By examining our own thoughts and emotions, we can begin to perceive our true voices from our heart that have been built for us. I believe it 's hard to ask ourselves about our own values, beliefs and morals. It seemed great if we know our self or know what I 'm doing right know. It gives me some values. I believe, if a person doesn 't know himself I think he will not understand what he 's going to do and he might take wrong decisions. With self-examination you will know your limitations, and an unexamined life or a person who does not know him/herself is living a disordered life, and a disordered life is worthless. Based on Russel statement that philosophy is not to be studied as far as this class goes my point of view of philosophy is that we just have to be open minded and thinking logically. As Russel says we can not get a definite answer. We generally urged to use our imagination and develop the ideas. Philosophy broadens the range of things. It gives me a sense of direction in life. It encourages me to be critical and to appreciate both differences between things that appear alike and similarities between things that seem different. For me studying philosophy is unique because what I used to think now I have to ask myself why. Also philosophy will guide me not by the answers
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