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Mgt 201. Assignments Please submit your assignments one at a time, and space the assignments so that you have a chance to get feedback from one before you submit another. Think Pieces 1. Read the material on Myers-Briggs psychological types contained in Module. Then take the online Myers-Briggs psychological type test at the following site: Once you have taken the test, press the hot button that allows you to learn more about your type. a. What is your psychological type? b. How do you think your specific type affects your behavior in the workplace? c. Write down the psychological type of someone whose type is completely opposite of yours (e.g., ESTP is the opposite of INFJ). Using…show more content…
It established some special requirements. For example, instructions to and queries of the system should be web-based. Also, data security protocols would have to be established to assure the financial integrity of the transactions. Songsri Singh of HHH’s Information Technology Department was put in charge of the project. She had two IT professionals to help her, including an expert on web based transactions. All three of these people worked in Jersey City, a forty minute train ride from headquarters on Wall Street. Songsri also identified four business people from headquarters. One was the account executive, who was familiar with the wants and needs of Mammoth. The other three were experts on financial processes relevant to the project’s requirements. Songsri also included a specialist from Mammoth’s IT department, who would coordinate activities from the Mammoth perspective. His name was Joseph, and he and his department were located in Phoenix, two time zones away from Songsri. Mammoth’s business headquarters were located in Chicago, one time zone away from Songsri. The project “owner” was located there. He was a Senior Vice President at Mammoth. He assured HHH that he would make three or four business experts available to help out with the project, when their expertise was needed. A careful analysis of business and technical requirements suggested that the project would take nine months to complete. While most of this

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