Thinking Critically Simulation Paper

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Critical thinking is essential in business and in every aspect of life. The more time spent thinking critically about an issue or problem allows the thinker time to generate a response and a course of action. A person that thinks critically about a decision before acting has the best chance of getting optimal results. Team-A has completed the Thinking Critically simulation and has reviewed the results as a group determining that in business, thinking critically can make the difference between success and failure. In the following critique, we will discuss the problem evaluation tools and techniques from the simulation and compare those to the tools and techniques that we would have used in this scenario. Team-A will describe the…show more content…
First, obtaining information from Linda James was crucial to the success of the retail business; however, it would have been beneficial to also interview lower level executives who are closer to the front line of the retail business. This change in information gathering may have generated more useful data. Likewise, the facts and statistics that were collected were a wealth of information, but could have included supplementary perspectives. Brainstorming or Group Think techniques, for example, could have been used with both the junior and senior employees to make them feel more involved and to let them know that they have a voice within the organization. Working together, they may have been able to come up with other ideas that would help inspire the staff using lower cost motivation methods. Finally, the Urgency-Criticality Matrix was useful for setting priority, but utilizing Decision Tree methods could have also been valuable in this circumstance. Decision trees would have helped to assess the financial impact more completely by creating a tree of possible options and assigning an estimated value, cost or savings to each choice. Making the Decision The insights, corporate history, and recommendations offered by Linda James, were a tremendous asset in gaining an understanding of the corporation and its operation. Linda, a key stakeholder, was also instrumental in providing strategic clues.
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