Thinking Exit Stage Left: An Analysis

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Survivor Opens Up About 51-Year Battle with Mental Illness
Tilly Dunn survives bipolar depression and then embarks on a personal crusade to spread awareness about mental illness and give hope to sufferers.

Mental illness survivor Tilly Dunn fought off suicidal thoughts and endured psychosis for decades. But since 2007, she has not entertained any single thought of suicide, and in 2012, she discontinued antipsychotic medication (with her psychiatrist’s approval and supervision). With her own strength, professional help, and her husband’s love and support through the years, she triumphantly overcame her ordeal, and now she embarks on a personal crusade to help others overcome mental illness.

Dunn started off by publishing her memoir Thinking Exit Stage Left: From Suicidal to Imaginative Moving Forward with a Healthy Mind (Balboa Press, 2015). She offers her story as a valuable tool for addressing mental illness, especially bipolar disorder.
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But at the same time, they will be impressed by Dunn’s resilience and openness to talk about her painful experience. Her bravery will give victims the confidence to address their mental illness without fear of judgment or
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