Thinking Globally and Acting Locally

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Thinking Globally and Acting Locally The maxim of thinking globally and acting locally has very successfully been enhanced within MTV Networks International. It has positioned itself as globally acceptable TV network and it has dominated in the entertainment market across the world. Youths in different countries enjoy the MTV shows and programs. However, this has had both negative effects and positive effects on the youths. Globalization has led to an increasing connection among different people of the world. This means the youths are to know about what is happening in the larger environment. The youths have borrowed and shared good ideas and innovations across the world under the maxim of thinking globally and acting locally. But on…show more content…
Television tends to undermine the educational goals for teenagers in the developing countries. These teenagers spend time admiring the western teenagers and imaginary things that they just watch on the Television. Parents have also become a bit more permissive due to western influence. It is important to note that westernization is not equal to modernization and thus it should be adopted or copied with great caution. Cultural diversities should be retained as they contribute to the beauty of the world and much cohesion of cultural values. International media has been known to consistently violate some cultural practices for the developing countries. In most cases the developed and third world countries have little or no say on what is to be aired on the Television. Immorality in form of sexual moral decadence, violence, alcoholism, among others has been known to be promoted through the TV viewership. The MTV management seems less bothered with this as they view it as just business doing. 3. Other technological innovations that have helped companies to think globally and act locally Other technologies have also enhanced and promoted globalization. For instance in the remittance industry, Money Gram and Western Union have enabled quick transfers of money across the
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