Third Call Essay

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Third Call The third call was from a citizen requesting a VIN check. They wanted to purchase a fifth wheel but the price seemed extremely low for the size of the fifth wheel. We responded to this call at roughly 1:40 p.m. deputy Akers couldn’t find a vin number on the vehicle and the vin number that was on a hand written bill of sale didn’t match the description. At that point it became questionable if this was a stolen vehicle or not. The woman who claimed to be the owner seemed very agitated; she kept pacing back-and-forth to her car. Deputy Aker’s ran the driver’s license number and identification of the woman and the man who were selling the trailer. He came to the car and stated that he knew that the male suspect was lying to him…show more content…
Resolution The first two calls were really just responses that ended in no further action required. The third call however ended in an arrest. We transported the person to the law enforcement center, Deputy Akers explained that he would secure the suspect and then I could get out. As we entered another area the door closed behind us and suspect was searched and all of his belongings were removed. The suspect was processed deputy Aker’s completed paperwork to process the person. Misdemeanor charges were filled and that required that he pay a bond and appear in court. The suspect confessed once Deputy Aker’s asked him a question about a tattoo he had. He suspect thought he had a felony and didn’t want to go to jail however if he would have just told the truth he would never have even been arrested.
This ride along has been an amazing experience for me. Deputy Aker’s also spoke about the scope of calls that he gets and how many of them involve mental illness or impairment with drug and alcohol addiction. He said that it's difficult because they never know what the problem is and the perceived threat that they have to act on. He said that’s the most difficult part, is that you don't know whether they're just threatening you or whether they have a mental illness or impairment. He said they're not psychologist and not
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