Third English Class

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I never really thought about who I am as a writer. I have been in Lone Star for a year and this is my third English class. Out of the three classes, this class has challenged me in many ways, by organizing my thoughts, putting them into words, and writing something that will keep the reader’s interest. It has broadened my writing concept by writing essays, personal narratives, commentaries and research.
The kind of writer I am is someone who does office correspondence. When I worked for the CPA, I wrote letters for the CPA to send to her clients, while at the Methodist church, I typed up reports, helped with the news letter and made brochures. When I got a job at the clinic, it was my responsibility to take detailed messages for the nurse and type them into the computer so that the message would be saved in the patient’s chart. The job I have now I mainly write
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I need to work on expanding my vocabulary, punctuation and transitional phrases. I know that taking these courses is supposed to help with writing many things such as, reports, letters, and essays. With this in mind, writing in a journal may help with the writing styles and help with grammar.
The kind of writer I am now is someone who has learned a lot about the different ways to write also, I learned that writing is a process and may take many tries to write the perfect paper. My confidence in speaking in front of the class or a number of people has gotten a good boost, especially since I have to take speech next semester. I also enjoyed the TED talks; they made me think about things that never occurred to me.
Overall, I learned that writing can help to drive out the negative feelings I have by writing the personal narrative. My favorite assignment was the interview, Keith is such a sweet man and it made him feel good that he helped me get an A. When we did the pear reviews, I learned how to make my research paper better by how the others wrote
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