Third Estate: The French Revolution

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The French Revolution was started because of King Louis XVI mismanagement of the kingdom. He did not know how to manage, and decide on what benefited his people; he only cared about himself, thus leading into the French Revolution. France has been always divided into Three Estates the First Estate being the nobles who were rich land owning people, the Second Estate being the clergy who were the people working in the church, and the Third Estate the common people. The First and Second Estate never had to pay taxes, leaving the Third Estate basically financially maintaining France, and since King Louis XVI gave all the money they had to the American Revolution, they got financially bankrupted. Then to add more to the problem at hand, a horrible…show more content…
As a result to discuss on the problems at hand, they called the Estate General meeting. When the Third Estate found out they were always being out voted by the First and Second Estate which were a few people, they swore not to leave the tennis court until they made the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen, and became the National Assembly. The man who led the French Revolution was Maximilien Robespierre. When the King and Queen saw they had lost, they tried fleeing to Austria to raise an army and recapture their lost kingdom, but end up being captured before they reach Austria. Once captured the King and Queen are put to trial and end up being guilty for treason, which is punishable by death and Robespierre decides to kill them. Then Maximilien Robespierre starts the Reign of Terror to eliminate external and internal enemies. Due to the Reign of Terror many innocent people were being executed if they said the wrong thing. The Reign of Terror ended when Robespierre was arrested due to the fact that he was slowly gaining dictatorial rule over France, and was then executed by Guillotine, bringing an end to the Reign of Terror and the French
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