Third Grade Classrooms and Foldables

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Introduction Good educators, especially in the lower levels of education, are always looking for effective ways to improve students’ learning and interest in subjects that may not be as appealing. Any activity that promotes reading and encourages critical thinking is especially valued by teachers (Angus, 1993). One of the key developments promoted by Zike is the use of Foldables in the classroom (2007). These are three-dimensional hands-on manipulative/graphic organizers. Foldables can quickly organize, display and arrange data making it easier for students to grasp concepts, theories, processes, facts, and ideas, or to sequence events as outlined in the content standards. They can result in student-made study guides that are compiled…show more content…
Results and Conclusions Initially the pretest scores of the two groups were compared to ensure that they had equivalent attitudes toward social studies, which they were. The changes in scores from pretest to posttest for each group (Lecture/Worksheet and Foldables) were then compared using a paired samples t-test. Casteel researched that the Lecture/Worksheet group had a .69 point mean gain from pretest to posttest, which was not statistically significant, while the Foldables group had a 2.67 point mean gain from pretest to posttest, which was statistically significant (2006). This study was designed to compare the effectiveness of two teaching methods (Lecture/Worksheet and Foldables). The Lecture/Worksheet and Foldables groups had equivalent pretest scores, meaning they were equivalent in attitudes toward social studies at the beginning of the units. Only those taught with Foldables had a significant increase from pretest to posttest on affective scores (Casteel, 2006). The experimental data indicated that Foldables are a promising alternative to the traditional method of Lecture/Worksheet. Using Foldables significantly improved students' attitudes toward the material (Zike, 2007). Additionally, teachers who participated in the study commented about the improvement in attitudes when using the Foldables. Furthermore, several teachers
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