Third House Down Hidden Cove Book Report

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I was getting closer and closer. Not a bird in sight, not even a single cloud. The moon was starting to shine as the sun was descending from the cerulean sky. Drivers were getting closer and closer to their destination, so was I. I took one more footstep where my mind flashes back four years back. It was a warm atmosphere, although it wasn’t my desire to start somewhere fresh. I walked into my first class, two girls came up to me, and secured that I had a nice first day. After my first, class I go into a classroom, which wasn’t what I all expected. It all seemed so historic and antique. It really emphasized his passion. He was teaching something, that I had already learned. He was asking the whole class what the regions of the United States…show more content…
In the year of 2009, Kevin Garrahan wrote a book. The book is called “Third House Down Hidden Cove”, and it’s about 3 boys: Eddie, Dan, and Scott. Eddie is a leader and Scott is a follower. Eddie starts mistreating a less fortunate classmate, Jim. This makes Dan really uncomfortable. Dan then does not know what to do. To whether be a hero and help Jim at cost of losing his friends or to not do anything at all. During the interview, I asked if there was a motivation and indeed there was. “It was kind of loosely based on some events from when I was a kid. Um... you know the people getting picked on and that kind of thing. Um... but this one kid in particular. He was really really really poor, and he got picked on, by some of the other guys, simply because he was poor. Um, and I thought, you know what, I’m going to write a book that hopefully will tell a story where somebody feels bad about that and changes their behavior.” That honestly was very touching. I went to Honduras earlier this summer and I remember the poorness that kids suffered. Most kids, lived in cabins made out of tree branches, and there were some that had no roof to cover them from the rain or even from the sun’s rays. It’s moment like those that warm your heart to do a good that benefits a group of
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