Third Party Conflict Resolution Paper

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University of Phoenix Third Party Conflicts MGT 445-Organizational Negotiations Third Party Conflicts In this last week’s paper, we will study a case that has strong conflicts and we will see how we can analyze the possible intervention strategies used to solve the case. We will apply what we deem is the best plan and explain what would be the best strategy to find a solution to this conflict. We will utilize the seven stages of negotiation and see which of the five major negotiation intervention strategies we will choose to find a solution to our conflict. We will start by introducing our concerns with the companies in conflict. The article we are to discuss is Negotiation Strategies and Contract Conflict Resolution, and…show more content…
In the same way, the parties involved are encouraged to focus developing ways in which both parties’ core interests can be met. By doing so this would be a Compromising Strategy, both parties will win some and lose some; and the job of the mediator has been completed. If a mediator had been used at the beginning of this process, it would have helped Pacific Oil greatly at the start of the negotiating process; or at least Pacific Oil would have been better prepared to negotiate with Reliant Manufacturing. On the other hand, if both parties decide to go with an Arbitrator they must accept his final decision. The arbitrator is the third party with vast experience/training in handling difficult business situations. The arbitrator will listen to both parties and he will have the power to make a fair decision for all involved. This prevents the perception that one side has gotten the better end of the agreement. An arbitrator will often conclude the negotiations more quickly than a mediator can. The best strategy for Pacific Oil Company would be to hire an arbitrator, who will listen to both sides and take a final decision. Too much time has been lost to bring a mediator at this moment of negotiation. Pacific Oil Company must also determine what its bottom line needs are, and stick to the core points of negotiation without losing more than the contract is worth. Contingency Plan A contingency
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