Third Party Intervention Strategies Of A Workers Compensation Case From Cook County, Illinois

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Introduction This paper overlooks the third party intervention strategies of a workers compensation case from Cook County, Illinois. Third party refers to a person or team of people who become involved in a conflict to help the disputing parties manage or resolve it. Third parties could act as consultants, helping one side or both sides analyze the conflict and plan an effective response. In dealing with court cases, the third party intervener has evidence and representations are taken whole taken as a whole as significant assistance to the court. The third party’s evidence and representations relates to matters that are necessary for the court to consider in order resolving the issues that are the subject of the stage in the…show more content…
The following case involves the Plaintiff Raul Sanchez, the defendant and third party plaintiff, Rental Service Corporation and Paul’s welding Service Inc. the defendant. Raul Sanchez a construction worker was injured on the job in September 2001, while working for Paul 's Welding Service. During his shift, a scissor lift rented from Rental Service Corporation failed. Sanchez was working that day as a pusher, which is the man who pushes columns into place as steel beams overhead are also placed. When the scissor lift bumped into one of the beams, the beam went straight down and hit Sanchez. The injuries he received involved his head, neck and jaw. Sanchez filed a Workers ' Compensation Claim against Paul’s welding Service Inc. and was paid benefits to action of the Illinois Industrial Commission of $102,994.63 for medical expenses plus $42,024.08 for Temporary Total Disability equaling $145,018.71. This amount was paid on behalf of Paul’s welding Service Inc. from its Workers ' Compensation Insurance Carrier, Legion Indemnity (Legion). To complicate the case the issues is whether the employer, Paul’s Welding Service, can recover out of the third party settlement the entire amount of workers ' compensation benefits paid to Sanchez as its employer 's lien of $265,204.71, including the $145,018.71 paid to Sanchez by Legion and the $120,186 ordered by the trial court to be paid directly to the Fund and not to PWS. Contrary to the
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