Third Party Logistic Services

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2.1.2 Description of third party logistic services providers According to various studies, Berglund et al. (1999) explain that third party logistics has several definitions that are an activities consisting of transportation and management, and warehousing on behalf of the shipper are carried out. Wilding and Juriado (2004) define that a company who solely operates for the provision of logistics-related single or multiple services on a contractual basis, is called Third Party Logistics Company. Especially, the true third party logistics companies provide a solution to the problem in the supply chain by incorporating multiple logistics services that are managed solely or together (Schary and Larsen, 1995). Coltman, Gattorna and Whiting (2010) suggest that third party logistics companies must create a large range of services to meet their distinct needs. A definition by Lieb et al. (1993) explain that 3PL providers can assist the whole processes of supply chain or just only selected activities depending on a company’s preference. It is also conclude the definition of outsourced logistics services that the employ of external firms to provide logistics services for the whole or selected logistics activities within the process that have traditionally been performed within an organization is the outsourced logistics. The roles performed by the 3PL providers can be making especially to customers' requirements (The Client Company) derived from market demands and conditions.
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