Creative Writing: Third Person Point Of View

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~~ Third person point of view~~ It was a rainy morning, giving off a gloomy vibe. Justin's alarm clock went off, softly humming out a light and comforting tune. Sitting up and stretching out his arms, Justin rubs his eyes and blinks away sleepiness. "Good morning sun!~" He grins at the sun as it peeks into his room, lightening it. Throwing off his covers, he gets up and walks to his mirror. He yawned and ruffles his short and messy brown hair. The mop he called his hair was a bit longer on one side than it was the other, reaching down to his shoulder. His blue eyes sparkled as he walked over to his dresser, opening a few drawers. After a few moments of silent pondering of what to wear, he chooses a white undershirt, a pastel blue hoodie,…show more content…
Dangit! I'm gonna be late!" He darted into the kitchen and swiped up his bag and his keys, then ran out the door, frantically fumbling with the keys to lock the door behind him. Once it was finally locked, he started running to his bus stop, hissing as the rain hit him and attempted to soak his hair. He dashed to the bus stop, seeing his bus about to leave. Feeling grateful, he smiled at the bus driver, Mrs. Kenna, and sat in his usual seat behind her as she started driving. "Good morning Justin, did you almost sleep in?" Justin blushed with frustration and embarrassment, shaking his head in view of her mirror and letting raindrops fall out of his hair. "No, just took awhile eating breakfast and picking my outfit." Mrs. Kenna smiles kindly, "It's okay, you know I always wait a bit extra if you haven't gotten here yet." Justin smiles, "Yeah, I know." "If it helps, you look nice as usual." Justin beamed at her, letting her compliment sink in and drown out the frustrated thought swimming in his head. "Thank you, Mrs. Kenna." She nods and smiles as their conversation ends, leaving her to drive and him to stare out the window in awe at the flowers they pass by. "Have a good day, Justin. I'll see you in the afternoon." Justin nodded and smiled, waving at Mrs. Kenna as he got off the bus. Thankfully, the rain was a slight drizzle now so it didn't get his already dried form soaked again. As usual, he was last to get off. He didn't care of course. He sighed
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