Third Quarter Chemistry Research Paper

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Third Quarter Chemistry Research Paper

Rachel Hamilton
Chemistry 11
Mrs. Thompson
March 16, 2016 Pharmaceuticals, although known under many different names, have been an important part of civilization since the Ancient times. They are extremely important in the everyday life of many Canadians who deal with illnesses, diseases, and pain. Chemistry is an integral part of medicines. Were it not for medicines and the pharmaceutical industry, the world would be a very different, very unhealthy place. Medicines are easily taken and forgotten today, but that was not always so.
The first recorded usage of pharmaceuticals was by the Babylonians in Ancient times who developed their medicinal practices through
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American Shakers in the 1820s gathered over 200 different kinds of herbs that they used to make medicines, and sold them to the public (A History of Pharmacy in Pictures, n.d., para. 27). A jungle expedition to Peru in the 1800s led to discoveries of many new substances which were imported to the United States and then used in medicines (A History of Pharmacy in Pictures, n.d., para. 34). Stanislas Limousin was an inventor who created items such as the first capsules, colour-coded poisons, and the first apparatus that gave oxygen support (A History of Pharmacy in Pictures, n.d., para. 35). The first usage of ether during surgery occurred in 1842, and the development of chloroform five years later led to less painful surgeries (Pharmaceutical Industry, 2016, para. 9). Surgeons now were able to take the time to carefully perform surgeries, which led to better healing for patients (Pharmaceutical Industry, 2016, para. 9). The first injections were administered using a hollow quill pen in the 1600s at Oxford University, but the hollow needle was not invented until 1853 (Pharmaceutical Industry, 2016, para. 12 ). The late 1800s led to the development of medications that induced sleep and fought fevers and pains (Pharmaceutical Industry, 2016, para. 14). In 1889, Aspirin was invented, and in 1900, anesthetic. The late 1800s and early 1900s saw a rise of teaching medical students about medicine in a university setting, instead of
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