Third Sex: Third Generation

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History of third sex In all probability the pre-historical human societies had close to 5 or 6 gender identities, keeping with the nature of humans. Indeed some of the surviving ancient tribes (e.g. the Native Americans or the Bugis of Sulawesi, etc.)). When there were not enough gender identities, unlike present day west, these cultures accommodated all the possible shades of gender within the ones available. The feminine male, the masculine female and the hermaphrodite --- all were considered important members of the society and had their distinctive roles in the society. E.g. they often became priests and healers. At some point of time Masculinity in men started to be valued much more --- perhaps because the society needed more…show more content…
Sex between men was extremely common amongst masculine gendered men even when marriage was seen as a social duty necessary for procreation. It wasn't unmanly or \ a third gender quality to desire another man. In fact, traditionally it had a masculine value and all warrior male traditions attached great value to such bonds. By the time Christ was born however, masculine male sexual bonds started to be targeted by the societies, who now had less and less tolerance for them, as they were a big hurdle in the institution of marriage. Christianity and Islam began a never ending violent 'crusade' against masculine male bonds till such bonds were completely obliterated from the surface of the society. The second blow came in the form of 'social masculinity'. In the medieval ages sex between men started to be actively propagated as a feminine quality that is only indulged in by members of the third sex --- not only by Christians and Islamic societies, but also by others like Hindus as well. They took cue from each other, no doubt. All this had the effect that sex between masculine gendered men went underground and men started to observe strict silence over such needs or bonds in the formal space. But masculine gendered men who liked men exclusively, in the entire history never actually became a part of the third sex. However, with this the third sex males who liked men got a social space all for themselves and became powerful within that space. The exceptions were the

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