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For my final argument note, I chose Chapter 3 “Third-Wave Feminisms” by Lara Karaian and Allyson Mitchell, and Chapter 7, “Violence Against Women”, which was written by Lisa Rosenberg and Ann Duffy. “Third-wave feminism” is a term I had no knowledge of prior to this course and I chose it to learn what it means and how it affects society. Violence against women sadly seems to be in the news every day and remains important and relevant to myself and all women.
Third wave feminists are somewhat different from first and second wave feminists, who were quite rigid in their beliefs about feminism and often alienated women who did not conform to their ideas. One major change is some third wavers enjoy dressing up with makeup and revealing clothing. Karaian & Mitchell (2010) state that The third wave says it is perfectly okay to wear high heels, lipstick and show off your body, if you choose to. This is in opposition to the second wave feminists who believed doing this would be bowing down to oppression. Feminists of today are less interested in rules and more focused on their own identities. These third wave feminists are now women of color, women with disabilities, obese women and trans women and they are complicating the idea of what femininity is They are pushing the envelope with what we perceive as the feminine body. In addition, Karaian & Mitchell report there is a This speaks to being more inclusive and open to a broader scope of “women”. As mentioned

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