Thirteen American Arguements

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The Thirteen American Arguments 4th period – Bookmeyer Kelsey Larsen August 29th, 2013 The Thirteen American Arguments is a book designed to explain and explore the idea of argument all throughout the world. How the government is ran, and how every past argument this country has had has been a similar one to the one presented beforehand. This process is a never ending argument and debate. The freedom of debate keeps us inspired and free; that this shows strength and not weakness. Not only has the 13 arguments been crafted into something different every generation, they have been shaping this country into the country it is meant to be. The author of this book is Howard Fineman, one of the most trusted political journalists that…show more content…
Arguing is essential for any democracy because it not only gives freedom of speech, but it shows strength and freedom with what one truly believes in. It keeps the world moving and keeps things interesting. Moreover, argument can be expanded into whatever direction it wants. Anyone can make an argument out of anything, and then from there, it can be branched off into many different categories. Having each democracy debate helps the Americans before voting because it displays each side of the candidates thoughts and feelings towards a certain subject. It gives us a chance to really look into what is actually going on with the world and what people are thinking One statement that is found interesting is when Gary Bauer argued about personhood, and about ‘prolife’ towards abortion. He then proceeded to use Civil Rights, and Individual Rights in order to defend the unborn baby’s fate. With this, it only made things harder for women because it gave them less of a say with what they actually wanted. No one is able to socially, economically, and financially state a person’s situation without fully understanding the background of the life someone lives. This began to show how Women’s rights were not fully accepted by the community and or government. One quote that is heavily looked into would be, are “unlawful enemy

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