Essay on Thirteen: Conduct Disorder and American Drama Film

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“Thirteen” is a 2003 American drama film directed by Catherine Hardwicke, while the story itself is an autobiographical based upon Nikki Reed’s life at age twelve and thirteen. The set took place in the city of Los Angeles. It begins, as teen stories often do, with drugs, alcohol, underage sex behavior, and self-mutilation. The two main characters: Tracy Freeland and Evie Zamora get involved with dangerous and inappropriate behavior in order to consciousness of their physical and emotional misfortune, also to be known “popular” at their school. Although these four pre-teens all come with their own physical and emotional misfortune, they stick together through out this journey in which flashbacks and personalities reveal the lives and…show more content…
The induction strategy is defined as “a strategy in which the parent appeals to the child’s own abilities, empathy, helpful nature, affection for others, and sense of responsibility.” (Wade & Travis, pg. 91 p.1) Furthermore, psychologists Beer Arnold and Loehlin have stated “Parents do influence their children in lots of ways. They contribute to their children’s religious beliefs, intellectual and occupational interests, feelings of self-esteem or inadequacy, adherence to traditional or modern notions of masculinity and femininity, helpfulness to others, skills and values. Above all, what parents do profoundly affects the quality of their relationship with their children as well.” (Wade & Travis, pg. 60. P. 1) This demonstrates Tracy Freeland’s behavior towards her single-mother. In addition, Tracy’s would fall under the category of conduct disorder, which is a disorder of childhood and adolescence that involves chronic behavior problems, such as: defiant, impulsive, or antisocial behavior, drug use, and criminal activity. Although Tracey got herself into a lot of trouble she was able to, in the end, change herself. In a way, I see this giving hope to those are young and troubled like Tracy’s character and feel as if it is too late. Overall, I believe there are many messages and meanings behind this film. From my perspective, it's suppose
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