Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes

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Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes Hello, my name is Keith Dobson, I am from Scotland. I work as a director, writer and producer of my own shows. You may have also seen me act in my production of Starbucks: the Musical as Jittery Grande. Not many people come to my shows, but I did see this one girl, Virginia or as she prefers, Ginny, she bought all the tickets to my show and tried handing them out on the street, something about a “special promotion” as she told my flat mate. I’m not entirely sure about why she did it, but she made me the first person to sell out the place, so I figured I would take a chance, and buy her a drink, which she didn’t seem to know much about and just ordered the first thing she saw, Guinness. “Are you going to…show more content…
That is where we met Miss Mari Adams, a very good painter that lives in a rather spooky castle filled with non-valuable trinkets such as a little wind up Godzilla toy. Think she’ll miss it? Ginny sure did think so, she said I shouldn’t have taken it and should probably return it, but I needed a souvenir from this little trip. Ginny got really upset by my taking it, arguing that it was part of some art piece and I was ruining it. So I threw it onto the train tracks, and you can imagine her rage! I ended up leaving her there at the train station and taking a bus back home. She then took off on another crazy journey from her precious envelopes her aunt left her; I didn’t like her aunt very much. I didn’t like that she wasn’t around Ginny too much, and now after her passing, she was sending Ginny on what seems like a wild goose chase. I didn’t hear from Ginny for a couple of weeks until she sent me an email from a small internet café in Paris, said she was staying at some place called The UFC Hostel in Montparnasse. I was glad to hear from her and regretted very much making her angry with me before she left, so since I had to go and do a show for a French school, I decided I would surprise her and wait for her by her hostel. It surprised me when she just walked by and didn’t even notice me. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Paris and eating Crepes… Well I ate; she

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