Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

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In the book “Thirteen Reasons Why”, Jay Asher shows that the actions that you make can affect others. Clay Jensen comes home from school to find a box that is lying on his porch that contains seven cassette tapes. After Clay finds out that the tapes are from Hannah Baker, a girl that committed suicide a few days before, he goes to Tony’s to find another way to listen to them because Hannah said if you got the set then you are one of the reasons why. As Clay listens to the tapes waiting to get to the one that is about him, he heard stories about other kids that did something to Hannah. The kids ranged from being friends that turned on her to a peeping tom. One of her friends put her on a list “best ass in the freshman class” and that started a land slide with everyone thing she was a slut. When Clay’s tape comes up, it is just a love story that explains the history between Hannah and Clay. At a party Clay and Hannah made-out and made it to the bedroom before Hannah broke down crying and forced Clay to leave. Hannah was sitting next to the bed when a boy dropped off his drunken girl on the bed then left. Right after that a kid named Bryce came in and raped the sleeping girl. Then after her world kept coming apart see was walking by the after effects of a party and Bryce convinced her to come into the hot tub with him. As an act of letting go of herself, she had sex with Bryce in the hot tub. Later in a last ditch effort she went to the student councilor and told him but he
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