`` This American Life ``

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“This American Life” was the story of the fractioned view Keith Aldrich’s children had of him, and his daughter, Gillian’s, attempt to reconcile an entire image of her father. Aldrich’s story was one of caution, of becoming too caught up in one’s surroundings. In seeking to become a staple of a piece of time and history, Aldrich disregarded his individuality in order to emulate those he admired. Aldrich life was a pattern of change categorized by numerous marriages and the resulting children. He dawned new roles once he tired of his domestic life, until he decided to move on to a new family. Then the cycle started again. Gillian has categorized her father’s life into time periods. In these periods, he enacted a new persona and donned a new family to complete the illusion. There were many moral issues raised in this podcast. Some were individually perceived morals flaws, while others were more widely agreed upon to be negative. Some of his ethical issues that are more subjective were things like absentee parenting, extramarital affairs, drugs, and alcohol use. However, his more egregious ethical issues were the physical and emotional abuse of his children, particularly Josie, his assault on his son’s girlfriend, and his malicious treatment of his wives in response to his own life failings. He consistently rationalized his wrong doings and blamed those around him for his inability to be who he wanted. Overall, his life sounded like a case of undiagnosed and untreated mental
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