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This article begins by describing that the cloud computing as computing model for future use generation. With the development of cloud computing, the characteristics of cloud computing such as on-demand self-service, resource pooling face various challenges which are legal, technical and organizational. The article also states that lot of issues are faced to conduct a digital investigation in cloud. The article discusses about the challenges faced by cloud forensics, open problems and solutions to particular research. The article starts by mentioning that cloud computing provides highly scalable infrastructure and the services provided are of low cost which can be paid as we use. Cloud computing poses many threats and exploitation due to…show more content…
Log files may not be helpful in pinpointing the location of data because of diverse nature of cloud. The article describes about various tools and procedures that are developed to help investigators identify the evidence in logs. A log-based model is proposed by Sang which only works for PaaS and SaaS models. A framework is developed by Marty which retrieves logs in a standard manner. This technique ensures forensics investigators that the data collected is authentic but when the power is turned off, the volatile data will be lost which may contain evidence. The article states that when VM is turned off, the data will be lost. To overcome this problem, the data can be synchronized in persistent storage which helps in recovery of data. Persistent storage of data helps in recovery, data-safety and collecting data can be easy for investigations. Since the customer don’t have access and control to all the levels in cloud, lack of control of system is also a problem faced by investigators. The CSP (Cloud Service Providers) transparency is also one of the issue faced by forensics. Data collection and preservation is the second step which involves collecting digital proof and related material of importance which may contain suspicious activities. The CSP play an important role in data collection. The customers and investigators depend on CSP for the data since they have limited

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