This Boy 's Life By Tobias Wolff

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This Boy 's Life, by Tobias Wolff (Wolff, 1993), is a 1950’s memoir describing the intimate emotional events during Tobias Wolff’s dysfunctional and difficult adolescent years. I believe the purpose of this memoir was not only to document this specific time in Tobias’ life, but this film was a way to raise awareness toward domestic violence. Wolff really did a good job at captivating his audience. Using a variety of family violence topics this resource includes: Abandonment when Tobias’s father ceased to be involved in Tobias’ life and when his mother frequently was not around; child abuse when his mother’s boyfriend would physically abuse Tobias; adolescent abuse when his step-father abused Tobias mentally, physically, and emotionally; domestic abuse between Tobias’ mother and her partners; and substance abuse was shown through everyone in the story whether it was alcohol or drugs. I believe the author portrayed family violence accurately and he exposed the seriousness of the topic truthfully. I noticed myself feeling angry at times when serious physical abuse was taking place, I think mainly because I felt so helpless. For this paper, I will mainly focus on Tobias a.k.a. Jack and adolescent abuse. Tobias, who preferred to be called ‘Jack’ (this is how he will be referred to now for the remainder of this paper), went through so many difficult challenges growing up. He and his brother came from a typical nuclear family set in the 1950’s. By the age of ten, Jack’s

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