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Getting our future back on the rails – slowly. How does the writer use written and visual language to attempt to persuade readers to share his point of view? The use of inclusive language and personal appeals positions the reader to share the writers viewpoint that a communal garden would be beneficial in not only the sense of convenience but also health, wealth and social. Throughout the article the writer attempts to make the reader believe that a community garden would be a far more productive use of land instead of a skate park and he/she does this with an logical and passionate tone and throughout the article it evolves into a feeling of determination and importance, and this is achieved by the use of imagery and statistics which…show more content…
In this argument the use of the graph and the proper accreditation to the ‘NSW Environment Protection Authority’ shows the reader that the writer is trustworthy and the information that he/she is relaying is accurate. By addressing the readers informally as a community, the writer establishes a sense of intimacy not only with him/herself but almost as if with the entire audience that the article was addressed to. Inclusive language is language that does not belittle, exclude or stereotype people, instead it aims on bringing everyone together. Inclusive language includes the reader by assuming that they all agree or disagree, it engages the reader and may gain sympathy or persuade the reader to either accept or reject the idea or topic of the article. Some examples of the inclusive language that was used in this article include the words community, our own, ourselves, ‘to you, the community’ and neighbours, these words are all synonyms of the word group. In conclusion the writers main contention was to persuade all of the readers of this article to agree to the construction of a communal garden and he/she did this by using some powerful techniques the correct way in their article, these include but are not limited to inclusive language, repetition, statistics and imagery. The main
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