This Boy’s Life by Tobias Wolff Essay

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The book “This Boy’s Life” by Tobias Wolff is a memoir written about the author’s childhood memories and experiences. The author shows many different characters within the book. Many of them are just minor character that does not affect the author much in his life choices and thoughts throughout his growth. But there are some that acts as the protagonist and some the antagonist. One of them is Dwight, the protagonist’s or Jack’s stepfather. This character seems to be one of the characters that inhibit Jack’s choices and decisions. This character plays a huge role in Jack’s life as it leaves a huge scar in his memory. The author here spends the majority of time in this character in the memoir to show the readers the relationship between…show more content…
This proves to be a mask that somehow gives an impression to the reader that Dwight is trying to hide something away from Jack and his mother. Another mask that Dwight wears is that of a mask that portrays himself to be a good, charismatic and somewhat strong willed father figure to Jack. This mask instead portrays a contradiction towards the father figure that Jack really wants. Dwight indulges himself in self-satisfaction of the methods that he thinks suited Jack the most instead of the things that Jack needed from a parent, such as security and support. These scenes are shown during the part where Dwight uses Jack’s Winchester rifle to shoot and comments badly about the equipment and breaking his promise to allow Jack to shoot in the gun range. These few masks that Dwight adorned proved to be the start of Jack’s distrust as many promises were broken and only went as far as imaginations. This later corroded Jack’s true-self of freedom and happiness as Dwight proved to be a disappointment for both Jack and his mother. Later on, Dwight sells Jack’s Winchester rifle, taking away the only thing that Jack truly enjoys and feels comfortable with. In this book, Jack is tortured numerous times, both physically and
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