`` This Changes Everything : Capitalism Vs. The Climate ``

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Money, growth, profit - we are the hostages of this mantra. Naomi Klein attempts with her book “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate”, attempts to reboot contemporary thinking around this notion. The author is an award-winning activist journalist and author of the world 's best bestsellers "No logo, no space, no choice, no work" and "Shock Doctrine." How Modern Capitalism Uses Natural Disasters and Social Crises. She is engaged with several liberal magazines, including Rolling Stone and The Guardian. “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate”, the latest book wrote by Klein, provides a comprehensive insight into the subject of climate change in the context of the modern economic infrastructure. Her critique of the…show more content…
The author analyses the processes that have led to increased greenhouse gas emissions and seeks to find out why.
Klein criticizes primarily neoliberal ideology and capitalism, calling for the rejection of these ideas as they are highly harmful to the environment. She takes the stand that the development of the public sector and the welfare state is essential, as well as the abolition of the riches and privileges that are present in a small handful of society. Additionally, she discusses oil and gas concerns, their links with politicians, scientists and, interestingly, environmentalists. She indicates why global greenhouse gas emissions trading and climate compensation have failed, but also how ecological organizations engage in questionable activities that have little to do with environmental protection and much more with making money, being the prime drive of a capitalistic entity. There are also billionaire philanthropists, such as Richard Branson and Bill Gates, taking action that is meant to protect the environment, but in actuality are fig leaves covering an increasingly damaged business climate. Particularly criticized are geoengineering projects, for example regarding the ability of the planet to cool by spraying sulphur compounds in the atmosphere or capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
The analysis made by Klein is of negative connotation - mankind prefers
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