This Community Base Spiral Texture Wall Was Design By Tara Cady Sartorius

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Our Lives Yesterday and Today This community base spiral texture wall was design by (Tara Cady Sartorius, 2006) and sponsored by the Central Alabama Community Foundation. The spiral texture title is a wonderful piece of work that represents the expressions of more than 700 artists containing more than 1000 textured titles using different kinds of material. I find this art to be abstract art, because this art stresses elements of composition, rather than a subject. This body of work was designed with undefined proportions and great balance. This piece of art has artistic element of color, line, shape, form, and texture. The spiral was added to give tone and balance to the art and provide a smooth separation of colors. These are some of thing that immediately drawls the viewer to the bodywork. The work is a colorful representation of the past as well as the future showing all aspects of life. There was no detail information on this collage of title work other than the name, but it spoke to me and I had to share this with the class. If you didn’t know anything about art, this work would get your attention and show you the past and take you forward into today. The complimentary colors used in this display has a smooth earthly tone, but as you view the artwork it has a very pleasant, comforting feel as you view the mellow soft colors displayed in this design. This type of work has vivid elements, it really get your

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