This Course Has Provided Insight Into Children'S Lived

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This course has provided insight into children 's lived experiences. The importance of learning from and about young people has been explored. Conducting research allows one to further investigate an area of interest. The researcher is able to get a better understanding of a certain topic and learn from others experiences. The purpose of my research is to understand how photography provides insight into young peoples experiences of community and schooling in India. Throughout this course photograph has been explored demonstrating that images can provide a lens into ones life. Photography has also been a passion of mine, as I enjoy taking photographs especially on trips. Photographs capture a specific moment in time and freeze it as if the…show more content…
The first being the article in which the photograph was found. The title of the article itself intrigued me as it states there is a problem within the educational system in India. This is clearly something I wanted to learn more about. Secondly, the photograph touched me on a more personal level. During my visit to India this past December, I visited a school. This image took me right back there as I recalled seeing students completing work and artwork hanging on the walls. Moreover, the three young boys in the photograph reminded me of my father. In particular the colour of their uniform immediately stood out to me, as I had seen that before. It was the same colour that my father and uncles donned years ago when they attended school. Once I laid eyes on this photograph it stood out to me and in a way I think I knew I had to conduct my research around it..

Before I began my research I really did not know much about the role of photography in providing insight into young peoples experiences of community and schooling in India. I only had my own experiences of attending school in Canada and a little knowledge of my parents. I had visited photo exhibits in the past and had seen images of young people in school and communities but this was just through a quick glance in a museum. I never got the chance to further explore this and learn more about the photographs and what they entailed.Throughout the course I had learned about photography and about

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