This Essay Is Looking At What The Key Factors Most Commonly

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This essay is looking at what the key factors most commonly regarded as being linked to health inequalities in the United Kingdom. Firstly, what does the term health inequalities mean according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) “Health inequalities can be defined as differences in health status or in the distribution of health determinants between different population groups. For example, differences in mobility between elderly people and younger populations or differences in mortality rates between people from different social classes. It is important to distinguish between inequality in health and inequity. Some health inequalities are attributable to biological variations or free choice and others are attributable to the external…show more content…
The further up the ladder you climb in a business the better the health benefits can be for example the higher you go up in the company private health care you get raises in value also getting paid leave to recover, unlike the workers who are nowhere near the lower middle class section of the business structure they will be using the NHS this can mean long waiting lists, unpaid leave or sick pay which is not a lot.
Another factor to inequalities of health could be regional differences and what I mean by this is where you live in the United Kingdom (BBC, 2011) helps point out if you live in central London and areas in the south east of England like Brighton, Canterbury(Kent), Oxfordshire, the Isles of Wight and Surrey they are going to have higher living standards than anyone living in the north of England for example Middlesbrough, Gateshead or Sunderland and it’s the same when it comes to Wales and Scotland. The reason for the massive divide brings me on to another factor of why there is such an inequality in health which is employment.
As the (BBC, 2011) states on their website “This is linked to employment opportunities. Declines in traditional industries such as mining have contributed to a
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