This Essay Will Be Discussing The Forms Of Communication

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This essay will be discussing the forms of communication applicable to the career path of my choice. Since I have an interest in ancient history and have always held an appreciation for museums my chosen career is museum curatorship which will have several forms of necessary communication, however, I have chosen to focus on three specific areas. Firstly, professional communication, secondly techniques to overcome communication barriers (cognitive restructuring and systematic desensitisation) and thirdly, communication techniques to assist in handling intercultural communication. Each of these communicative methods will be necessary in order to ensure that there is a lack of distortion among. By utilising these methods of communication I…show more content…
If employees recognize their respective duties and understand their rank within the system and how best to communicate with their colleagues then achieving organisational cohesion will be straight forward.
The modes of communication in the workplace (both formal and informal) will be quintessential in ensuring that order is maintained and communication between colleagues and departments is effective and allows little room for distortion. In the position of curator I will need to ensure that the communication channels between employees with my department are organised and allow for information to be transmitted successfully. If the flow of formal messages between myself, my supervisors, and my department is smooth then the chances of distortion causing malfunctions in the work environment are easier to manage (DeFleaur et al, 2014). When managing relations with not only my own workplace but also other organisations the necessity for the hierarchy of communication to be clear and concise is absolute in order to ensure the relationship with involved parties remains favourable and no mistakes are made when handling any transactions; particularly those relating to an exchange of physical artifacts. Of course informal communication is also unavoidable, even crucial, in a work environment. Human connections can be advantageous in this career path which often deals in the exchange of artifacts with other associations. Within my own workplace however informal
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