This Essay Will Discuss The Impacts Of Social And Environmental

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This essay will discuss the impacts of social and environmental determinants of health on the well-being of an older person named Bill. Per The Ministry of Health (2016), The Healthy Aging Strategy takes a life-course approach that ultimately seeks to improve the health and well-being for all older people. Bill lives in a rest-home, which as an environmental determinant, positively affects his well-being. This helps Bill to manage his health-related issues by surrounding him with adequate health services. The social determinant that negatively affects Bill’s well-being is his lack of social support. This means that Bill feels lonely, and ultimately suffers from chronic depression. Both the social and the environmental determinants of…show more content…
An environmental determinant refers to where people live, work and play. Many older people move into a rest-home if they are no longer able to care for themselves and suffer from a chronic illness. Supportive personal and social environments as well as good medical care all contribute to better life choices and the maintenance of good health (Crisp, Douglas, Rebeiro, & Waters, 2017). Bill moved into a rest-home as he was unable to manage his heart condition. Therefore, with available health services, Bill can live comfortably. The benefits of living in a rest home can be emphasised when compared to studies regarding the well-being of older people who live at home. These included the management of medication and the possibility of falls when living alone. It was found in a study conducted by Downton and Andrews (1991), that 86 out of the 204 participants, all living alone at home, had experienced a fall in the previous 12 months. It was reported that 49 of them were injured, 9 of which were serious; however, only 43% sought medical care. Those who fell were found to have “had a greater dependency and cognitive impairment, more physical symptoms, and higher scores of anxiety and depression” (p 219). In relation to medication administration, a cross-section observational study undertaken by Mehuys et al. (2012), found that the participants presented several problems with their drug taking. This
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