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This essay will discuss the relationship between materiality and comedy in the gossiping, christening scene of A Chaste Maid in Cheapside (3.2). How the ordinary material sensual world appears in the plot and this commodification of women and focus on materiality within the scene and wider context of the play itself through pregnacy, prostitution and marriage. The Comedy of the christening, gossip scene is wrought in obscenities and absurdities. This humour is catalysed by the characters attempts to sustain their social pretences. The Puritan Christians apostle spoon disapproval. The licentious associations of “Sure that was Judas then with the red beard.” The second Puritan continues in a similar vain with “it consumes them much”…show more content…
Allwits ' wife is no exception to this falling pregnant within the first two acts and using their material wealth. "I heard a citizen complain once that his wife 's belly only broke his back" (III, ii, 70-72). Such greed for the material while simultaneously operating as the sensual surmounts the women condition within A Chaste Maid in Cheapside. “Only” the implication of the phrase is that she made him overwork to satisfy her not only economically but also sexually another example of how the sensual world makes its way into the plot. The baptism of Allwits ' child follows such pregnancies and can be seen as a logical continuation of such excessive consumption of material. The use of women as a bargaining chip is by no means exclusive and is seen in the welsh gentlewomen and moll who despite her mothers insistence is one of the few chaste women in the play. These reducing acts on women into material commodities forms not only a large amount of the plot but indeed the comedic value of it. They serve as much of the fuel for satire within the play as these reversals and sarcastic commentaries of extreme versions of the materiality of women not only commentates on the fibre of society of the time but looks to amuse people at it too. Furthermore, "There were more women with direct access to the market than ever before...The growth of a market
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