This Essay Will Examine Two Different Areas Of Teams And

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This essay will examine two different areas of teams and teamwork which are decision-making and leadership that are required to develop better working relationships. Many organizations in the contemporary business world recognize the significance of teams and teamwork as far as the accomplishment of targeted goals is concerned. A team can be described as a group of individuals having complementary skills working together to accomplish a common goal(s) and they are mutually responsible for their performance outcomes, where else teamwork refers to the process of individuals actively working as a unit to achieve shared goal(s). In this paper, I will explore the concepts of teams and teamwork to reveal how organizations have been investing to…show more content…
The quality of the virtual teamwork depends on their skills and knowledge. Aldag and Kuzuhara (2015) illustrates the key factor to achieve goals is team training. Specific tasks can be accomplished through virtual communication methods and exchanging their knowledge. Alicia Davis, Director of Learning and Development Dell, involved in the implementation of virtual simulation program in its financial development program (FDP) to build competencies and communication through training of financial professionals.
This illustrates that effective leadership is required for the success of virtual teams. To maintain strong client connections and growth of the business into new markets, Delphine and DLA piper funded an important training program to develop methodological skills & expertise in lawyers to encourage virtual team cooperation. In order to keep powerful customer relationships in firms and increase income, virtual communication and providing training and education are vital factors when promoting virtual teams (Kuzuhara 2015). Leadership helps to make standards, solve problems and to build strong relationships in virtual teams to achieve company objectives in attaining revenue and employees’ s security. According to Fisher (2011), a virtual team 's success mainly relies on the efficiency of the leadership.
The two actual examples will illustrate how important is leadership by providing resourceful background and guidance to virtual team members by realizing
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