This Essay Will Explore The Benefit Of Animals Being Used

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This essay will explore the benefit of animals being used in biomedical research, the actions implemented to protect animal welfare as well as other viable options to minimize harm to animals. Science experiments using animals have created a foundation for advances in biomedical sciences. Animals used in medical sciences can be traced back to 384-322 BCE in Greek writings of Aristotle followed by Erasistratus, 304-358 BCE (Dey). Some of the most rudimentary knowledge known to man now was found through animal experimentation. Such as the fact that arteries contain blood which was proven by Galen (130-200 AD) when he revealed the arteries of live animals. Vaccines to protect against smallpox, a very contagious disease, using cowpox cultures…show more content…
The principle of the 3R’s derived from support of the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare for Russell and Burch’s Principles of humane experimental technique (1959) to be published (Bayvel). The 3R’s work well in combination with many organizations on-site, nationally and worldwide that monitor research for best practice. Animal models in experimentation serve in an imperative role. Currently, substances intended for human use (drugs or devices) must be tested in an animal model first to determine if they must be adjusted, denied or approved. Research conducted on diseased animals provide insight to progression of similar diseases in humans, improve knowledge of biological responses to various substances and devices. They also result in the production of various products such as food additives, agrochemicals, vaccines, implants and pharmaceuticals. “It has been estimated that more than 1,200,000 species of animals have been described, but 97% of the animals used for biomedical purpose belong to only 10 of them. They are rat, mouse, rabbit, chicken, dog, guinea pig, pig, hamster, monkey, and cat”(Pal). Roughly, 95% of studies are conducted in mice (Dey). A different species is used only when it is a more closely matching system to the equivalent in humans. Many things must be considered when choosing a model for research; availability, anatomic characteristics, stage of life,

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