This Essay Will Mostly Outline A Proposed Solution To The

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This essay will mostly outline a proposed solution to the never-ending worldwide problem of nuclear weapons. The paper will use of relevant sources, with logic, and a humanitarian appeal to show the reader why nuclear weapons must come to end. It will show the reader how the solution will work and why it’s the very best solution to put a halt on the worldwide epidemic we are faced with each and every day within various countries. The paper will also give the reader a sense of urgency to go out and try and make a difference, so we can make this change described. They get this sense of urgency because the essay illustrates a proposal that is simple, logical, and sound. Also, the paper will show how this solution is the very best, and all…show more content…
Mainly for nationalistic reasons or for warfare purposes. Which is precisely the problem; innocent citizens get killed and evaporated because another country’s military used the lethal weapon of nuclear power to gain an edge on an enemy. Which, one can go on to find out, will create ever more problems than it actually intended to solve. Now that we can see, as nations, the underlying problem with nuclear weapons, what can we do to ensure this problem doesn’t persist? There are many possibilities, but really only one solution. To understand how a nuclear ban or abolition could actually happen, one must understand that it would virtually take a unanimous vote. All the countries would have to agree on banning weapons so that it would ensure fully that no nuclear weapons would be usable. So what possibly could be a solution? Well, firstly it’s not rocket science; just following governmental procedures, and knowing how a bill becomes a law, it’s quite simple. First, a convention must be held with every country, and then an official document, most presumably a treaty, must be signed into law stating the worldwide disarmament of nuclear weaponry. This is just a constitutional process, and has great potential to be successful, but if this is not convincing enough, try taking Tom Sauer’s word on it. Sauer (2016), an Associate Professor at the Universiteit Antwerpen (Belgium), says “first a Nuclear Weapons

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