This Evening So Soon Summary

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Importance regarding the color of skin has evolved over centuries throughout the world, specifically the United States. African-Americans have been denied rights by white people for centuries and to this day the country still struggles with issues related to skin color. However, the United States continues to evolve each day and believe in the power of differences more as time goes on. America has not always believed in differentiation, however today, most of America believes in the power of being different.
Before the Civil War in 1861, slavery was legal in parts of the country. It is not fair to simply say the United States believes in differentiation and that is how the country has progressed. This is not fair because it does not take into consideration all the
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After this came the Civil Rights movement, where African-Americans fought again for equality. The United States had made slavery illegal, however, blacks were not nearly treated as equal, because they were different and that wasn’t valued by the United States at the time. During this time in history, white's still did not see blacks as equals. There were different schools for each color, the school for the white people being better. This is yet another example of different not always being good. In the short story, “This Morning, This Evening, So Soon”, in the collection of short stories Going To Meet The Man, by James Baldwin, the narrator says, “They knew how to keep the white folks happy, and it was easy-you just had to keep them feeling like they were God’s favor to the universe” (173). During this period in history, white people had all the power, they were in the position of deciding what was good and what was bad. It was only good to be different if you were white, a black person was too different. The standards of being different, what is good and what is not, are created by the people with power in
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