“This Hotel Is Amazing!” Sam Squeals With Excitement As

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“This hotel is amazing!” Sam squeals with excitement as she opens the door to our room. “Okay, you have to agree with me that I made a pretty good judgment on going with this hotel.”
“Yes, I have to hand it to you, you did a good job.” I say. “What other surprises do you have up your sleeve?”
“You will just have to wait and find out.” Sam replies.
“Knowing you, it will probably be something that I won’t want to do and then you will talk me into your bad plans like you always do.” I state.
“That’s what friends are for.” Sam says taking my comment as a compliment.
“What does our evening look like tonight?” I ask.
“First things first, let’s get out of these travel clothes.” Sam says sticking her tongue out as she pulls on her oversized
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“It’s fun to tease him knowing he is going to have to wait a week for this.”
“You’re so mean!” I say.
“Boys want what they can’t have.” Sam says. “It just makes him love me that much more when I get home.”
“Oh Sam.” I say. She has the answer for everything.
“You just about ready there girl?” Sam asks.
“Just about.” I say “ I just need to put on my other earring.”
“Fabulous!” Sam squeals as I come out to grab my purse and shoes.
“Why hello there tiger.” I say to her. Her hair is done up in big volumous curls.
“All right then, let’s go!” Sam shouts.
Sam links her arm through mine and we head out.
“So where are you taking me?” I ask.
“Just follow me and you will see.” Sam says.
We walk out the front of the hotel and you can see the sun starting to set. The sky is vibrant with colors of rosy pink, scarlet red, blood orange and some deep, velvety purple. It seems like the perfect night for exploring. San Francisco is so beautiful. Like I said before, at night is when the city comes alive. We walk about 3 blocks away from our hotel. We pass several old buildings with beautiful architecture. I eye up a few quaint boutiques along the way making note of where they are so maybe Sam will let me go tomorrow or one of the days at least. We are not too far from the water and as I look out I see the lights glimmering in the reflection on the still water. I bet Aden would love it here. Maybe next year we can plan a trip here
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